October Giveaway 2023

Every month, I give away a piece of my artwork, to enter this giveaway all you have to do is Like and Comment with the word “interested” on any of my giveaway video posts on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube (You Tube video link)  or contact me via this website.

This month my giveaway is a collage piece with a little bit of mixed media and it is called “Menorca, Aerial View VII” and it is on paper.  The image size is 29 x 21 cms.  This collage is from a series I did from aerial photographs taken over the island of Menorca.  My parents lived in Menorca for many years and for some time I found the island too pretty to be inspiring and then I went up in a small plane and did a half an hour flight over and around the island, totally inspiring, took hundreds of photos and have done loads of work from them coupled with sketching on the ground.